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Empress Of Jah Love & Unity

Sister Julie is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who is a prophetic songwriter. Her classic sound is delivered with messages of universal Love and Unity. Through her music, Sister Julie aims to uplift, educate, and soothe the hearts of diverse listeners worldwide. She has recently collaborated with Prezident Brown, Sister Carol, Ranking Joe, Lady Ann, Rocker-T, Zahira, Arkaingelle and many other inspiring artists. Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Black Uhuru, Culture, Steel Pulse, and countless other Roots Reggae Musicians and Artists, in various genres of music have all been influential in Sister Julie’s musical journey. Sister Julie’s life experiences have crystalized into a clear motive; to encourage human beings to feel more love for themselves and each other.  Sister Julie has released a full length album ”Heart Feel It” and a series of singles throughout her career. Her latest EP "Heart Dub It" was released on 10/27/23.

Her musical talents emerged while listening to the radio during her childhood in Portland, Oregon. She had a remarkable instinct for deconstructing songs note by note,

memorizing and reproducing them by ear on her family’s upright piano. Her early repertoire, fed and fueled by her parents’ record collection, included soul, gospel, folk, R&B, classic rock, Motown and blues. Sister Julie’s interest in the arts buoyed her early education and motivated her to achieve university degrees in Anthropology and Art. 

Her colorful career path led her to several different states and had many notable moments that magnetized reggae music into her life. When she was employed at a Los Angeles record shop, she found herself working closely with the store’s reggae buyer. She began to collect reggae albums, familiarizing herself with many of the genre’s foundation artists. Later, her position in the entertainment department of a major television network provided connections with record companies and the reggae bands that they represented. She also worked on a camera and sound crew, interviewing, doing video work, and even collaborating on production ideas that specifically highlighted reggae music pioneers. In South Florida, Sister Julie’s creative entrepreneurial spirit sparked her own jewelry and t-shirt art business, while working full time at a local health food store. She had taught herself to play guitar and conga, and was recording her own music using a Casio keyboard and mini cassettes. She was also impacted by an unforgettable visit with the legendary reggae singer Bob Andy, when he brought her along to one of his memorable recording sessions. 

The message in reggae music began to resonate even deeper and align with Sister Julie’s personal spiritual beliefs. She reflected on her experiences and felt that there was much more to life than spending resources and energy on material trappings. She observed firsthand the contrast between opulent film sets and homeless people sleeping outdoors in cardboard boxes. Sister Julie embarked on a backpacking trip to Ethiopia, Egypt, Kenya and Zimbabwe, plus India, Nepal,Thailand, Malaysia, and Hawaii. She also took separate trips to Mexico, Honduras, the UK and,Greece, Israel, France,Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands. While sharing her homemade roots reggae cassettes with people she met along the way, Sister Julie witnessed the power of reggae music and its positive effects worldwide. Subsequent trips to Jamaica reaffirmed Sister Julie’s affinity for the original culture of Rastafari, and reggae. She continued to learn about growing and preparing natural foods and healing herbs and gained more reverence for Rastafari traditions and the teachings of Haile Selassie that inspired her even deeper on her spiritual journey. Sister Julie is devoted to living a Rastafari way of life, by bringing more love into the world, and living life with purpose and intention with Jah as the foundation. 

Sister Julie then obtained a Master of Arts degree in teaching and worked with elementary students in Portland public schools while raising her son. She took special measures to include indigenous perspectives in her history lessons, identifying as a rebel in the classroom for the sake of honesty and integrity in her curriculum.

Sister Julie continued to play music and write songs at home, creating her original compositions on guitar and piano. After two decades, she left her teaching job behind and joined some close friends on their U.S. tours. She began to perform several of her own songs at each stop, gaining valuable performance experience and an increased love for the stage. She made significant connections with more musicians, artists and producers as she refined her craft and vision. Sister Julie utilized those contacts to create her first full length album, as well as numerous music videos, collaborations and singles. 

In Sister Julie’s own words; “I promised Jah (the creator) if I could make music, I would use my life and gifts to help as many people as possible. I’m all about universal equal rights and justice, unity being strength, and music as a healing force. I always felt so positive when listening to roots reggae and its messages. I want to bring that same teaching and vibration to others.”

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